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Jan - Citrus & Gardenia

Time to Plant...




Summer is the perfect time for citrus! Melbourne's climate can support all kinds of citrus including oranges, lemons, limes, and mandarines and grapefruit. No matter what kind of garden you have, there's a citrus for you!



If planting your citrus in the ground, mix plenty of Groganic through the soil. If you are keeping your citrus in a pot, use a quality potting mix such as Terracotta & Tub. Mulch with a straw mulch like Pea Straw.



During the growing season, water frequently, and once every 6 weeks apply Fruit & Citrus Food to ensure lots of flowers and fruit.





All citrus can be picked as needed off the tree. If all fruits are harvested you will need to use them within around 3 weeks from picking or they will develop moulds. Depending on what citrus you grow, harvesting times will differ.


Gardenias give a beautiful fragrance all through the warmer months, making any garden feel (and smell!) like you're in the tropics.



When planting Gardenias into garden beds, plant with lots of Groganic soil improver to increase water holding. Gardenias will only thrive if they are in a rich organic water retentive soil.

If you are keeping your Gardenia in a pot use  Terracotta & Tub potting mix as this has the highest water retention and penetration of any potting mix on the market. Optionally mulch with a straw or bark mulch.



Over the spring/summer flowering period feed your gardenias every 4 - 8 weeks with Harry's Gardenia Food. They are very hungry plants, and if they don't get enough food, their bottom-most leaves will yellow and drop.

Keep well watered over the warmer months (ideally do not let them dry out) and tip trim after flowering to maintain a compact bushy shrub.




Full Sun              Part Sun              Full Shade

Low Water Req      Low/Med Water Req  Med/High Water Req          High Water Req