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Nov - Salads & Orchids

Time to Plant...


Scrumptious Salads  

Awesome Orchids



Plant lettuce, baby spinach, mizuna, mustard greens and rocket now for fantastic salads all through summer.




   - When planting, mix plenty of Groganic and Moo Poothrough the soil, and mulch with a straw mulch like Rich River Lucerne.



   - During the growing season, water frequently, and once a fortnight apply Maxicrop to ensure lots of green growth.



   - Most salad leaf plants can be harvested a leaf at a time. Once the leaves are big enough to eat they are ready to go.

Some lettuces will grow a single head instead, in these cases, cut the lettuce head off at the ground when it is about 20cm in diameter.





Now is the time to get some amazing colour in your house with our range of Butterfly and Dancing Lady Orchids.



   - These tropical orchids are best suited to a bright, warm indoor position. In an east facing window is perfect.



   - In order to encourage big and beautiful blooms, feed once a month with Strike Back for Orchids.

During the warmer months, soak your orchid in the sink once a week. Over winter and the cooler months this will only need to be done once every two or three weeks.


For more info see our Orchid Care Guide.




Full Sun              Part Sun              Full Shade

Low Water Req      Low/Med Water Req  Med/High Water Req          High Water Req