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Jul - Fruit Trees & Roses

Time to Plant...


Fantastic Fruit Trees   Resplendent Roses


Deciduous fruit trees are a must-have addition to any garden, yielding masses of delicious fruit, as well as providing summer shade. With a wide range of fruit types and many dwarf forms available there's a deciduous fruit tree to suit any garden




   - When planting, mix plenty of Groganic and Moo Poo through the soil, and mulch with a straw mulch like Rich River Pea Straw.



   - During the growing season, water frequently and feed heavily from early spring till late autumn with Plants Plus Fruit and Citrus Food every 4 weeks.



   - Depending on which fruit you are growing, the harvesting season can be anywhere from November to March or April the following year. Check with the information provided with your tree to determine when your fruit will be ready for harvest.




Now is the time to plant bare-rooted roses for spectacular spring and summer blooms.



   - Roses enjoy a well drained organic soil such as Groganic when planting into the ground, and a good quality potting mix if they're going into pots and tubs. Plants Plus Terracotta & Tub mix is ideal. Water your new rose in to get it settled.




   - In order to encourage big and beautiful blooms, feed once a fortnight with Maxicrop over the warmer months, and twice a year fertilize with an organic slow-release food like Plants Plus Organic Pelletized Fertilizer.







Full Sun              Part Sun              Full Shade

Low Water Req      Low/Med Water Req  Med/High Water Req          High Water Req