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Sep - Tomato & Lavender

Time to Plant...



Terrific Tomatoes Lovely Lavender



Growing tomatoes is easy! Follow these simple instructions and you'll have a great crop all summer.



When planting tomatoes, mix a good amount of Plants Plus Groganic andPlants Plus Organic Pelletised Fertiliserthrough the soil to help feed and establish your plants.


If you are planting tomato seedlings, strip off the bottom two or three sets of leaves and plant deeply. The more of the stem that is underground, the more vigorous the plants' root system will be.



Tomatoes will benefit from frequent feeding and watering over the growing season. Use a liquid feed like Maxicrop to get a bumper crop.



Lavender is a great addition to all gardens because of it's sought after bee attracting properties.
The flowers are excellent for picking, a little vase of them on their own is ideal for a truly romantic experience.They are also a lovely addition to your pot-pourri.

...lavender has always been a favourite!




Lavender enjoy a free draining soil. Add Plants Plus Groganic soil improver when planting. Little watering is required on established plants. Raise the planting area if soil tends to be damp.




Lavender do not require a lot of feeding, however the use of Plants Plus Organic Pelletised Fertiliser in spring and autumn is a good idea.

Prune in spring after Winter cold has gone to keep shape compact and then again after flowering, usually late Janurary. It is advisable not to prune back into bare wood.

To hedge, plant 4 lavender per linear metre.




Full Sun              Part Sun              Full Shade

Low Water Req      Low/Med Water Req  Med/High Water Req          High Water Req